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Dostiiii provides an environment where women are free to make decisions/choices with regard to their lives.

Empowering Women through our Free Online Web Development Course

It is a sad state of affairs that despite promises made by successive governments, Indian women face difficulties securing a job and earning their livelihood. Provided with proper training, they can easily compete with males and even overshadow them. Dostiiii, a Faridabad based NGO, aims to change all this social stigma and provide women with the best courses in different niches to help change their lives and make them financially independent.

Businesses are searching for website design professionals

Most businesses are paying more attention to online stores, as it allows them to reach out to clients from all parts of India and abroad too. They are searching for web-designing professionals who can create and maintain their online stores. Unfortunately, most lower-middle-class Indian women do not have the financial resources to join institutions that teach the basics and advanced stages of website design. That is why we offer Dostiiii, the best free web designing NGO in Faridabad, offers comprehensive online website designing courses to females.

Free online web design courses in Faridabad

Not all females, especially those living on the outskirts of Faridabad and its neighbourhood, have the spare time to visit a brick-and-mortar institution, as they have to take care of household chores too. They need not despair, as our institution offers online courses too. The budding students only need a computer with access to the internet. They can log onto our online portal whenever they want and pursue our course. Since we offer free web designing courses with certificates, you can rest assured that you can present a comprehensive CV when applying for a website-designer job.

The leading online website design institute in Faridabad

People often believe that our course might not be up to the mark, since we offer it free. It is a misconception, as most of our students lead a financially independent life working for leading businesses. Many refer us to their friends and relatives as they have discovered that we are unarguably the best online website design institute in Faridabad. Our faculty comprises the leading website designers from Faridabad who know the ins and outs of designing a website like the back of their hand. With them by your side, you can be sure of receiving the best coaching available.

How our free web development classes in Faridabad functions

Designing a unique website that grabs the attention of viewers and search engines alike requires thorough knowledge of the following:

  • JavaScript
  • Responsive design
  • Creating internal links
  • Creating fast-loading pages

Our experts will teach you how to mix text with graphics to appear appealing to the viewer. Following this, they will teach you the rudiments of basic website coding language. Once you fully understand it, you will learn to use advanced web-coding languages such as JavaScript. You will next learn how to make responsive websites that display correctly on all display units. It is vital since most people browse the net on the move using their smartphones. You will understand how to employ internal links that help viewers navigate from one website page to the other. We shall also teach you how to use thumbnail graphics on the landing page to render the website quickly, even on a slow-speed internet connection.

Ensuring that the website you design appears at the top of search engines

All business owners want their website to appear at the top of the SERP (search engine results page). Consequently, the site developer must have solid SEO (search engine optimization) knowledge. Our professionals will teach you how to include specific keywords and key phrases in the text of a website to ensure that it ranks higher on the search engines. Often, a business would love to compete with local businesses. In this case, comprehensive knowledge of SEO will help you use specific keywords to ensure that your customer’s page appears on the first page of the SERP. It is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when you opt for our free online web development courses in Faridabad. You will also learn how to analyse rivals’ tactics and modify them to ensure that your webpage ranks higher than theirs.

Free web development courses with Certificates

A certificate from a reputable institution plays a significant role when applying for a web-designer job. We will provide you with a certificate once you complete our online course, which will convince the recruiter that you are a full-fledged professional and possess the knowledge to create impressive web pages for them.

Top free WordPress development training in Faridabad

Your website designing course will remain incomplete if you lack knowledge about WordPress, a plug in almost all web hosts offer. It is a CMS (content management system) that allows you to build and host websites effortlessly. It will enable you to change content and images on the website quickly and efficiently. Thanks to its ease of use, most websites depend on the WordPress platform to design their webpage. Dostiiii is the number one web-based WordPress development institute in Faridabad. Our experts will teach you how to use this plug in to create a new website and alter its contents in a few minutes as and when the situation demands.

Free WordPress development classes in Faridabad

We are committed to empowering women in Faridabad and its neighbouring localities by teaching the A to Z of website designing, including hosting it on the WordPress platform. This platform boasts of a plugin architecture as well as a template system, allowing you to customize websites to fit your client’s blog, business, portfolio, or online store quickly and effortlessly. Once you sign up for our free website designing program and complete it successfully, you get our free WordPress development courses with certificates.

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